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50 50 Tickets are a simpler version of Raffle Tickets

These sell like hot cakes!

A great many sporting venues are raising money at home games by selling 50 50 tickets to the spectators.

"Do they make good fundraisers?"

As a fundraiser they are very effective because they are sold at home games. It's a case of the customers coming to them.

50 50 tickets are the same as raffle tickets but are sold to a gathering of people such as the spectators at a football match. They are drawn during the proceedings hence there is no set date, no name and address to be filled in on the counterfoil and the prize is shown as 50% of the net takings. (Hence the title 50 50).

They are very popular at sporting events and half-time gives the ideal moment for the announcement of the winning number.

50 50 Ticket Sample 50 50 Ticket Sample 50 50 Ticket Sample


The cost is exactly the same as our Raffle Tickets and can be bought in the same quantities, please check our Prices page for more details. The licence requirements are the same as a normal small lottery. The local council should be approached for this.

"What if I need my tickets in hurry?"

We do have an express service (3-4 working days) for orders up to 10,000 tickets but it has a £20.00 surcharge.

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