What are football scratch cards?

Football Scratch Cards are a simple, fun and effective way for you to raise more funds.

How do football scratch cards work?

On the face there are 30 different clubs from across the country, one of those will be hidden underneath the scratch-out panel at the top, this is the winner. After all the squares are filled in, the winner is revealed.

So... If you have a card of 30 teams at a £1 stake, then the total pot will be £30. If your prize is chosen at £10, then that's £20 raised for your club.

What about scratch cards for other sports?

At the moment we make cards representing the sports Football, Rugby, Golf & Cricket. Should you require a sport other than those, please contact us as we can produce specials to order.

* Prices exclude delivery charge of £2.00 to mainland UK addresses and are subject to VAT.

Quantity Price
25 £4.33
50 £6.83
100 £10.55
  • Football - 30, 40 or 50 squares, each a British league club.
  • Golf - 30 or 48 squares, each a famous British course.
  • Rugby - 30 or 48 squares, each a top flight club.
  • Cricket - 30 or 48 squares, each a county ground.