Do you need a free web page to go with your current raffle?

When you order with Stubbs Tickets, you get a free promotional web page for your current raffle. There is no extra work required for you as we take care of everything for you using the information from your current raffle.

The fundraiser page is fully customizable and works to increase your ticket sales in just a few clicks. Simply login, edit your page, customize the features, then launch your raffle into the world.

Add to your current website!

Simple way to sell more tickets!

Ready to share on Social Media!

Fundraiser Demo Page
Fundraiser Demo Page

This sounds great, Where do I start?

When you order your raffle tickets and we produce your proof, we will then send you access to your fundraiser page. Here you will find all the details from your raffle have been added automatically, but you have full control over what you want to show on your page.

When you are happy, you simply choose the page name you would like and go live. Then you can start sharing your raffle with the world and enjoy more ticket sales!

Incredible! Works on all devices perfect, took just 5 mins to go live, and its free!

Such an easy way to sell more tickets and get the raffle out there without the hassle!

Do you need more info?

If you would like more information on the fundraiser page or have any further questions then please dont hesitiate to contact us.