How are raffle tickets made?

There's more to a raffle ticket than meets the eye, Below are some of the most common questions we get. When you are ready to purchase or would like to browse our other products then please visit our home page.

How are raffle tickets printed?

Raffle tickets are most commonly printed on digital or litho printing presses. This allows the production of millions of tickets to be printed in a relative short amount of time to cope with demand.

The unique numbering on raffle tickets can be printed in 2 ways. The first is to print the copies of the raffle ticket without the numbering on. This allows for a fast print process as you are printing copies of a single page and is usually done on a litho press. Then during the perforation process the number can be printed afterwards.

The second way is to print the number at the same time as the ticket using imposition. With digital printing presses this is now the most common way, especially for shorter runs. This way also ensures that duplicated numbers can not be printed.

How much does it cost to print raffle tickets?

The top raffle ticket companies agree that around the £20 for 1,000 tickets to start off with is about right. Then going up by about £6 or £7 per thousand from then on. The key here is that you need the best looking tickets without needing to dip too far into your budget.

Stubbs Tickets always aim to keep our costs as low as anyone else as we are also in this business for the charity side too. We are often asked if we give discounts to charities, and we always have to reply with the fact that pretty much all of our customers are charities. If we could print them for you for free we honestly would.

Whats the normal amount of books per raffle?

The most common book sizes are 5, but you can choose any size you need.

What size should raffle tickets be?

The most common size which is our standard size is 200mm by 75mm.

What weight paper are raffle tickets usually printed on?

Our standard tickets are printed on 80gsm paper which is just a little thicker than your standard paper you buy for your home printing. This is industry standard for raffle tickets in the UK.

What is perforation?

Perforation is the technical term for the holes punched into the paper to help the tearing. This is done so it's much easier to tear off the ticket from the stub.

How do you design raffle tickets?

There are many different types of software to help design your tickets. However one of the most important parts is making sure the legal aspects of the ticket are printed on whilst producing a pleasing design for selling. This is why it's usually best to ask professional designer who understands raffle law to help

whats a raffle stub?

The stub is the part that you tear off and the promoter keeps. Sometimes known as the counterfoil, it contains the name's address and unique number that distinguishes the winner when the raffle is drawn.

What is unique numbering?

This is the security number that ensures a fair raffle. Each ticket must have a unique number on it printed once on the ticket which is the part the buyer keeps. And once on the stub which the promoter keeps for the draw

Do you offer barcodes and QR codes?

Yes we do. If you require either barcode or a qr code printed on your ticket then that is t a problem.

We also offer unique barcodes for easier ticket scanning if you need it.

Can I place a logo on my tickets?

Yes, of course. We don't charge any extra for adding a logo, in fact we think it's more beneficial to add your logo and properly brand your tickets.

How do you promote a raffle?

The previous section tells you everything about the promotion phase of a raffle.

What happens on the raffle day?

The big day is here, but whats involved on the day of the raffle.