How do you promote a raffle successfully?

Promoting a raffle is easy and fun if you know how and where to look, and here is a very good start. When you are ready to purchase or would like to browse our other products then please visit our home page.

What are the best ways to promote a raffle?

The best way is to use as many channels that you have available to you. Start with getting a web page built which you can promote easily online using social media. Get some flyers or posters printed and ask local businesses to display them. Save the digital version of the flyer and use that to post online in newsletters, emails and social media.

The raffle tickets can also promote themselves. Get them printed and start adding them to your outgoing newsletters or magazines.

Are there any websites that can help me promote my raffle?

Yes there is, We offer a free web page to assist with your raffle promotion. You can include your raffle date, prizes and contact information so it's easier for people to buy tickets from you. Best of all, it's free!

Can i print event posters to promote my raffle?

Yes this is a great way to start a buzz of excitement around your raffle. Make sure your posters are professionally designed and printed and then that will maximise their effectiveness.

How do I promote a raffle on Facebook?

In the UK you can promote your raffle using Facebook as long as you have the permissions from the promoter or local authority. The best way is to create a digital flyer rather than just write text as that will gain more attention. Then start posting to friends, family, or even groups that you think might be interested. Always make sure though that you are legally entitled to sell your tickets to the public before promoting, if you are unsure then ask the promoter or your local council.

How do you encourage people to buy raffle tickets?

Peer Pressure. Only joking. Try to find the people who are interested in the cause you are raising money for. Make sure that this is clear on your promotional material. It's also a help to have a long list of prizes for people to win, especially if the prizes are connected to the cause.

What if I sell all my my tickets?

Ask the printers to print some more as quickly as they can. We often find that promoters underestimate how generous people are and we have a large number of returning customers getting those extra 500s or 1000s in for the last week of sales.

Try to plan ahead and over estimate, as it is way less expensive in the long run and causes you much less stress and panic.

How do you sell raffle tickets online?

It's best to err on the side of caution and just not. The gambling commision are cracking down on a lot of online raffles, as you will almost certainly need a licence of some form to sell tickets online. Even if you have the correct documents, that doesn't mean the website platform you are using has the legal right too. If they are not a registered External Lottery Manager then proceed with extreme caution.

Also, not many payment processors allow it either. For eg Paypal do not allow the sale of raffle tickets or any form of gambling through their platform without express permission.

The safest way though would be to promote the raffle online, get your contacts and sell directly to them.

How do you plan a raffle?

It all starts with the planing, so we have an entire section dedicated to everything on how to plan a raffle..

What's the raffle ticket production process?

Please see a step by step guide about how raffle tickets are made.