How do you run a raffle legally?

Below are the most common questions we are asked when ordering and producing raffle tickets. Please note that this information is not legal advice but guidance based on the current laws set by the Gambling Commision. When you are ready to purchase or would like to browse our other products then please visit our home page.

What information should be printed on a raffle ticket?

For a small society lottery or raffle the following must be included on the ticket.

- The name of your society.
- The ticket price, which must be the same for all tickets.
- The name and address of the promoter (but not necessarily a private address).
- The date of the draw, or information which enables the date to be determined.
- If the Organisation running the draw is a registered charity, the registered number must be shown on the ticket.
- The ticket must show the name of the council it is registered with but doesn’t need to include the licence number.

For incidental and private lotteries, there are no specific requirements that are required to be printed as long as they are sold with unique identifiers on.

What's the highest raffle prize fund I can offer?

For a small society raffle, The maximum prize cannot exceed £25,000, even if it's donated. You also can't sell more than £20,000 worth of tickets per raffle or £250,000 in any one year.

Do you need a licence to hold a raffle?

Yes, if you are holding a small society raffle you will need to register with your local authority or council. This will cost £40 initially and then £20 a year.

For private or incidental raffles/lotteries you don't require a licence or to be registered with an authority. However there are some required rules for all three.

Do you need a licence to run a raffle at an event?

No you don't, however you still need to follow the following rules as set by the Gambling Commision.

- Money must be raised for non commercial gain.
- You can sell tickets to anyone at the event only, on location whilst the event is taking place. You cannot sell online.
- Tickets must have unique numbers or identifiers so you can pick a winner.
- No limits to how much you can charge for a ticket, and can also offer discounts for multiple buys.

How do you apply for a raffle licence in the UK?

You will need to register with your local licensing authority. Which is usually your local council. This is currently around £40 for the initial fee and then £20 a year thereafter.

How much does a raffle license cost?

Registering a raffle with your local authority or council costs £40 and then an annual fee of £20.

Do I have to put my full promoter address on the raffle ticket?

Yes, but the address does not need to be a private address and can be the address of the society.

Who is responsible for the legality of the raffle?

The Promoter of the raffle is responsible for the raffle including the official records of how many tickets were sold, and where.

What records do I need to keep related to the raffle?

The promoter is required to keep records of every ticket sale, where it was bought and the information of the buyer. This should be provided in the return report that needs to be sent back to the registered authority. Each council may slightly differ and so it's best to ask them what they require from you before you begin selling.

Is a raffle gambling?

Yes it's a form of gambling, however most people get a great sense of charity and more often see a raffle as a donation to a cause they feel is worthwhile. If they win a prize then that's a nice bonus.

Do you need to be a charity to run a raffle?

No, Anyone can run a raffle, as long as the proceeds are not for private or commercial gain. Just make sure you have read the rules for what type of raffle you are planning. If you are a charity running a raffle then please make sure your charity number is printed on the ticket.

Can I run a raffle for profit?

No, The money raised by raffles or lotteries must be used for good causes.

Can I apply gift aid to a raffle ticket sale?

No, Gift Aid can only be claimed on donations. With a raffle you are getting something in return.

Can children buy raffle tickets?

No, unless at an incidental lottery and only if there are no alcoholic products as prizes.

Can you postpone a raffle date?

Its possible, however this will be up to your local authority or council so its best to ask them before you proceed.

Are facebook raffles legal?

It's extremely unlikely that you will find a legally run raffle on Facebook, however with the correct licensing and permissions from the gambling authorities then yes it's possible.

Where can the raffle draw take place?

The raffle draw can take place anywhere as long as the participants are aware of it. You may wish to double check with your local council if they have any specific restrictions though

Where can I find more information about what a raffle is?

The previous section is dedicated to everything about what a raffle is and the different types of raffle you can host.

How do you plan a raffle?

There is a lot to planning a raffle and so we have made up a huge list of answers to our most popular questions about planning and organising a raffle.