What's involved on the day of the raffle draw?

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How do you actually draw the raffle tickets?

The raffle draw is usually done at an event like a fair or fete but can also be done online. There are many ways to actually draw the tickets but the most common way is to simply put the returned and paid for stubs into a box or hat, make sure it's covered, and then pick them out individually.

What order should the prizes be read out?

There's no specific order that is legally required but if it's suspense you are going for then leave the biggest prize till last. As long as you are consistent then it doesn't really matter, you don't want to do 3rd prize then 1st prize then 2nd prize for example as that would certainly raise some eyebrows.

Can the raffle draw be made online?

Yes it can, as long as you have made all the participants aware and also double checked with your local council then it shouldn't be a problem. Could be worthwhile recording the live draw and have that replayable until all prizes have been collected.

What is a random number generator?

A random number generator is a bit of software that generates a number from random. In raffle terms this is useful for drawing winning numbers fairly.

Do I have to share the raffle results with all ticket buyers?

Yes, You should publish the winning ticket numbers publicly for all to see, but it's not necessary to post the names of the winners if they want to stay anonymous.

Can I disclose the names of the raffle winners to the public?

If you have permission from the raffle winners themselves then yes however always ask them before you do.

Should non-sold numbers be included in a raffle drawing?

No, the unsold tickets shouldn't be included. It doesn't matter if they get mixed in some way, it's just a waste of time as if drawn, no one will claim it so it just causes confusion. The best thing to do with the unsold tickets is to dispose of them or recycle them if you can.

Does there have to be a winner in a raffle?

Yes, that's what makes it different from other types of lotteries, even if just 1 ticket is sold then that will be the winner. Raffles are drawn by the unique numbers that have been sold and only those can be drawn. So it's impossible for there not to be a winner. Good isn't it!

How are raffle tickets made?

The previous section dedicated to everything about the production process of raffle tickets.