The Legal Bit

Under the gambling act 2005 certain details are required to be printed on the tickets.


If tickets are to be sold to the general public the raffle must be registered with the licensing department of your local authority. This sometimes comes within the Environmental Department. The raffle must be established for one or more of the following purposes:

  • Charitable purposes.
  • Participation in, or support of athletic sports, games or cultural activities.
  • Purposes not mentioned in (a) or (b) but which are not for private gain or for a commercial undertaking.

We do not need documented proof of registration, the information that it has been affected will suffice. The registration number and authority will be printed on the ticket. If registration is not obtained the ticket must state 'private draw tickets available to members only', or words to that affect.


All raffle tickets must bear the promoters name. In case of clubs and other organisations this can be limited to read 'Promoter: The Committee'

Ticket Price

Each ticket or book of tickets must bear its purchase price. In the case of a book price 'Deals' are not allowed (i.e. 20p per ticket 90p per book of 5).