Simple way to Raise Funds!

This game works much the same as our national lottery, only with fewer numbers.

Do I need a Licence?

Yes, Once a licence is obtained for a lottery ticket, it can be used in conjunction with a weekly or monthly lottery.

How Does It Work?

A ticket is made up of 20 numbered boxes; the owner of the ticket marks off 6 numbers individually by crosses then sends it back to the club. The winning 6 numbers are then drawn at random and the winning ticket holder receives the prize. These two part tickets can be bought plain or numbered and sold to members & the local public.

Sample and Prices

Tickets can also be numbered costing £2.30 per extra 1,000 tickets. * Prices exclude delivery charge of £7.50 to mainland UK addresses and are subject to VAT.

Quantity Price
3,000 £63.50
4,000 £78.50
5,000 £93.50
6,000 £108.50
10,000 £221.45

How much can be made?

Let's say then for example, the prize pool is 50% of the total subscriptions/tickets received and the price of each ticket is 50p. If 100 tickets are sold, the prize would be £25 and the funds raised would be £25. Of course the prize pool can be any percentage you choose.

Following any draw where the jackpot is not won, the numbers available for selection are reduced by one for the next draw until the jackpot is won.