Less so you raise more!

Standard tickets are 200mm by 75mm including ticket and counterfoil printed on white 80 gsm paper. Standard ink colours are black, red, blue or green. Prices are charged in the increments shown, any deviation will be reverted to the next highest level. For e.g. If you order 1750 tickets, you will be charged at the 2,000 tickets rate.

* Prices exclude a minimum delivery charge of £7.50 to mainland UK addresses and are subject to VAT. Prices from 1st October 2023.

What if I need my tickets in hurry?

We do have an express service (4 working days) for orders up to 10,000 tickets but it has a £20.00 surcharge.

We accept Credit Cards!

You can phone us and give us your payment details over the phone or pay via PayPal. We accept all major credit/debit cards.

Standard Prices

These are for our standard tickets, please see the additional extras for the costs of customising your tickets..

Quantity Price
1,000 £22.00
2,000 £30.00
3,000 £38.50
4,000 £45.00
5,000 £52.00
6,000 £58.50
7,000 £65.00
8,000 £71.50
9,000 £78.00
10,000 £85.00
20,000 £152.00
30,000 £218.00
40,000 £284.00
50,000 £350.00

Additional Extras

Most of our customers generally prefer the standard tickets but we like to offer the choice of personalising your ticket.

Extra Cost
Coloured Paper £2.50 extra per 1000 tickets.
Non Standard size or format Add 10% to total cost.
Books in multiples of 4 £1.00 extra per 1000 tickets.
Books in multiples other than above £2.00 extra per 1000 tickets.
Background or Watermark Add £12.00 to total cost.
Full Colour £4.00 extra per 1000 tickets.
Alterations of Raffle Ticket details First alterations are free, Thereafter will incur a charge.
Printing on Reverse First 1000 tickets - £5 plus £5.00 for each extra 1000.
Express Despatch Service (4 working days) For orders up to 10,000 tickets add £20.00. Then £1.00 extra per 1000 tickets thereafter. (This service may be suspended at peak times)

If there is an extra feature you would like on your ticket that you can't see here, or if you wish to purchase a larger quantity of tickets then please contact us, let us know and we will be more than happy to provide for you.