What is a Prize Competition

According to the Gambling Commission, A genuine prize competition is one where the outcome is determined by the application of skill, judgement or knowledge and where it is run in such a way that the organisers believe that the requirement for skill, knowledge or judgement will either:

  • Deter a significant proportion of those who wish to enter from doing so, or
  • Prevent a significant proportion of those who do enter from winning a prize

This means that they are very similar to Raffle Tickets other than you do not need a licence from your local authority so anyone can do this.

Sounds great, How do I start?

So here at Stubbs Tickets, we can create and print your prize competition tickets which you can then go on to sell. All we will need from you is your competition question, the correct answer, and 2 other answers. We will also need a few further details like delivery addresses and quantities but we can sort out the nitty gritty later.



The cost is exactly the same as our Raffle Tickets and can be bought in the same quantities, please check our Prices page for more details.

  • Only £22.00 for a minimum 1000.
  • Simlilar to a Raffle but without the Licence!

How do I order?

To keep things simple, firstly let us know that you are interested by sending us a quick message using the form below and then we can send you further details on what we require to get your prize competition tickets printed and sent back to you.