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Scratch Cards

Cheap & Easy Fundraising!

Scratch Cards are a simple, fun and effective way for you to raise more funds.

"My Sport isn't in your list?"

Should you require a sport that does not appear below, please contact us as we can produce specials to order.

How Does It Work?

Let's take for example, a rugby card. On the face there are 30 different clubs from across the country, one of those will be hidden underneath a scratch-out panel at the top, this is the winner. After all the squares are filled in, the winner is revealed.

So... If you have a card of 30 teams at a £1 stake, then the total pot will be £30. If your prize is chosen at £10, then that's £20 raised for the club.

Cricket Card Rugby Card Rugby League Card Golf Card Soccer Card

At the moment we make cards representing the sports Soccer, Rugby, Golf & Cricket. Should you require a sport other than those, please contact us as we can produce specials to order.

Quantity Price
25 £4.33
50 £6.83

"What if I need more cards than shown here?"

No Problem, If you require more than 200 cards then please contact us and we can quote you a price.

  • Cricket - 30 or 48 squares, each a county ground.

  • Golf - 30 or 48 squares, each a famous British course.

  • Rugby - 30 or 48 squares, each a top flight club.

  • Soccer - 30, 40 or 50 squares, each a British league club.

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Not only a scratch card. The winners get three shots at the winning number giving a further reward for skill as well as luck. They can opt for the single, double or treble with the extra prize reflecting the level of difficulty.

Darts - Singles & Doubles Card Darts - Doubles & Trebles Card Darts - The Extra Throw
Quantity Price
25 £4.33
50 £6.83

"Do I need a Licence?"

No, There is no legal requirement for scratch card gaming.

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