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Scratch Cards

Cheap & Easy Fundraising!

Scratch Cards are a simple, fun and effective way for you to raise more funds.

"My Sport isn't in your list?"

Should you require a sport that does not appear below, please contact us as we can produce specials to order.

How Does It Work?

Let's take for example, a rugby card. On the face there are 30 different clubs from across the country, one of those will be hidden underneath a scratch-out panel at the top, this is the winner. After all the squares are filled in, the winner is revealed.

So... If you have a card of 30 teams at a £1 stake, then the total pot will be £30. If your prize is chosen at £10, then that's £20 raised for the club.

Cricket Card Rugby Card Rugby League Card Golf Card Soccer Card

At the moment we make cards representing the sports Soccer, Rugby, Golf & Cricket. Should you require a sport other than those, please contact us as we can produce specials to order.

Quantity Price
25 £4.33
50 £6.83

"What if I need more cards than shown here?"

No Problem, If you require more than 200 cards then please contact us and we can quote you a price.

  • Cricket - 30 or 48 squares, each a county ground.

  • Golf - 30 or 48 squares, each a famous British course.

  • Rugby - 30 or 48 squares, each a top flight club.

  • Soccer - 30, 40 or 50 squares, each a British league club.

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Not only a scratch card. The winners get three shots at the winning number giving a further reward for skill as well as luck. They can opt for the single, double or treble with the extra prize reflecting the level of difficulty.

Darts - Singles & Doubles Card Darts - Doubles & Trebles Card Darts - The Extra Throw

Scratch cards are now available from sports goods retailers. By purchasing from them you will avoid the cost of postage which is included in our price. If you would prefer to order this way then please contact us and remember to enter your post code and we will get back to you with your local stockist.

Quantity Price
25 £4.33
50 £6.83

"Do I need a Licence?"

No, There is no legal requirement for scratch card gaming.

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